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Steve R

Advanced Care was recommended to us by the Hospice of Michigan staff when we were looking for a place for my husband's sister. She was a tough placement because she had some pretty complex nursing care needs. Most assisted living facilities turned her down. From the first phone call with Heather and Tom, we knew that we were comfortable considering this home for our family. And after we met them and some of the other staff, we were sold completely. I have been a nurse for 40 years and I know good care when I see it. They have been nothing short of incredible! They have all learned how to care for my sister in law's physical needs, but they are have also been accepting of her "tough" nature. It has been so reassuring to us to know she is being so well cared for. We are so pleased with our decision!! Would highly recommend the home to anyone who has an older family member who needs a foster care placement.


Linda M

Our Mom was transferred to Advanced Care AFC home prior to her death. During the short time that she was at this home, Tom and all of his staff treated her like she was their own family. The nursing/CNA care our mom received was top notch and all of our mom's medical needs were met. We had previously had a bad experience at another Nursing Home Facility and we only wished we had taken our mom to Advanced Care AFC Home during the whole time she needed care.
During her stay, the staff informed us daily of mom's medical condition, even when we did not reach out to them for an update. This communication was more than we got from the other facility when we would call and no one would respond or have an answer.
We would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this Home, and I say Home because it is nothing like a facility,, to anyone reaching out for care of their loved ones. Our mom loved animals and they even had a cat that wandered daily giving lasting memories to mom. The staff was always friendly even when their day may have been stressed, never passing on their stressful days and emotions onto the patients.
In addition, the cost for this facility was 1/3 less than what we were paying at the other Nursing Home, and ADVANCED CARE AFC Home gave more care than the other costly facility.

Bob M

Our Mom was at Advanced Care for a short time before her death. Advanced was recommended to us by a cousin of ours who also had a family member in their care. We had explored the other larger options of assisted living and did not feel comfortable with the staff/client ratio. This aspect was critical in our decision to use Advanced and I'm very glad we did. Tom and his staff were very hands on with Mom, which wasn't always easy. They were attentive to her needs throughout her time there and to any of the questions us siblings had. Advanced made a very difficult situation a small bit easier for us because they cared about Mom, they were genuine, easy to communicate with and professional. I would recommend Advanced Care!!


My mom has been residing here for almost a year. After searching online for other facilities, one visit at advanced care, we knew this was moms new home. The staff is very kind and helpful, but most importantly they care about her and the other residents. It also gives our family a peace of mind knowing that she is safe! Heather is a great house manager and goes above and beyond keeping me informed how mom is doing. All the caretakers are great! Thank you for all you do for mom!